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Closet wotaku and video gaming girl. In a relationship with my PS3.


Look me in the eye and tell me that’s not what he’s thinking.

I’m sure they would want you to have this.

GUYS GUYS GUYS I was admiring the screenshot of young lin beifong and notice 2 characters in the background that looks alot like young mako and his dad??? 

Pls note that I haven’t watched the leaks so whatever I know & assume is from trailers I saw on Youtube. So pls b nice and don’t bash on me if it doesn’t make sense. Just sharing something interesting I notice :/


eremin week (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*


Cropped rough I’m working on for an upcoming thingydo.

ジャージアスカ | ikedan [pixiv] 

Please DO NOT remove source


lmao everyone has been creaming their pants over the usomonogatari and the hanamonogatari and owarimonogatari novel volume 232924012391 ….

but I am just here being awed by how beautifully SHAFT animated nadeko and hitagi fighting in alternate deleted ending of hitagi end !!!! *__* (they only put inside the dvd/blu-ray because it is too brutal for tv release or smth… like that… idk)

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